The main rule of a successful purchase is to buy a condominium when it is really needed. If you need to move things somewhere right now, it makes sense not to hope for a seasonal price reduction, but to bargain well and settle in your own housing as soon as possible.

When it is more profitable to buy an apartment depends on a number of factors. If you buy an apartment for yourself, then, in fact, the faster to buy it, it is better. This also applies to the secondary market, when undemanding owners can enter newly purchased housing immediately after the sale and purchase operation, and housing in new buildings. The sooner the owners conclude a cooperation agreement with the developer, the cheaper the newly built housing will cost. However, the risks that something will go wrong in the developer are also the highest in the early stages.

When is it better to buy a condominium?

What is the best day to buy an apartment in Tengah Garden EC? It is best to organize an agreement on a day when everyone involved in the purchase and sale of an apartment of the organization works: notary, BTI, district executive committees, housing offices, etc. It is likely that during the preparation of documents you will forget some kind of certificate, which will urgently have to be taken. Therefore, it is better to appoint a deal in the morning.

Buying an apartment in winter

Buying an apartment in winter allows you to check:

  • availability and quality of heating, how warm the apartment is;
  • quality of insulation of doors, windows, balcony;
  • how well utilities work: whether the yard is cleared of snow, whether there are “eternal” puddles in the yard, how convenient it will be to get home in bad weather;
  • receipts for utilities in real time;
  • Whether inter-panel seams flowed in the fall. Of course, before selling all leaks, the owners more or less successfully eliminate. However, a careful examination during will still allow you to notice the fungus, frayed spots, fresh smearing in some places.

Therefore, if you buy an apartment for yourself, the winter purchase will insure you against unpleasant surprises that the owner can successfully hide in the summer. But if you intend to rent an apartment, you should be safe. The process of finding residents can be delayed, and in winter utilities are much more expensive than in summer. In this case, in winter, you should not hurry with the purchase of real estate.

Buying an apartment in the summer

Summer is also a good time to buy an apartment. If the dwelling is located on the sunny side and the sun heats it too much during the day, in the summer it will be in any case. Pay attention to the walls of the house. If they are completely hung with air conditioners, it may make sense to look for more. Many air conditioners are a signal that this house may have problems with overloaded conductivity.

Summer is considered one of the periods when it is better to buy an apartment, also because you can freely inspect as much real estate as possible. In winter, this may be hampered by weather conditions. It is best to book for Tengah Garden EC showflat viewing for detailed analysis of your future home.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in a leap year?

Is it possible to buy an apartment in a leap year? Of course, you can, especially if you have a promotional offer. Practitioners argue that being superstitious is not good. This also applies to the purchase of apartments. Therefore, if you have a favourable offer on the street of your dreams – look not at the calendar, but at the schedule of reception of a notary or realtor.


If you need an apartment quickly, the season when you make a purchase does not matter. Minimum prices (however, and the number of offers) in the real estate market in winter and during the New Year holidays. At this time, you can learn about the selected housing maximum. If you plan to buy an apartment to rent, buy it in the unheated season to reduce the cost of communal.