Renewal Plans for Pasir Ris to Feature Refreshed Town Centre, Upgraded Parks, and New Housing by the Park


The residents of Pasir Ris can look forward to a town centre with better features, more recreational facilities, and new developments in public housing by the park. All these developments are parts of Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) plans for the town. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean at the launch of the ROH exhibition.

The ROH programme was first announced in 2007 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The primary aim of the programme is to make the heartlands a unique and adorable home for Singaporeans. Nine estates are to be renewed in phases – namely Dawson, Punggol, and Yishun in 2007; Hougang, East Coast, and Jurong Lake in 2011; Pasir Ris, Woodlands, and Toa Payoh in 2015.

While drawing up the renewal plans for Pasir Ris, Woodlands, and Toa Payoh, HDB engaged in a series of Focus Group Discussions with the people residing in the three towns in order to find out the improvements that the people hope to have. HDB used the feedbacks they got to refine the plans so that residents of all ages will benefit maximally from the plan.


Four Key Strategies for Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris is well known for beaches, parks and recreational facilities. These facilities will be retained as Pasir Ris is rejuvenated under the ROH programme. Four key strategies serve as the focus of the proposal which aims to reinvigorate Pasir Ris. These strategies are meant to:

  • Transform the town centre into a vibrant hub
  • Enhance nature living with better parks and new housing by the park
  • Enliven community spaces in the neighbourhoods
  • Improving connectivity

1. Transforming the town centre into a vibrant hub

The Pasir Ris will be transformed into a lively hub with both commercial and residential development. The new development will be well-connected to transport services as well as a wide range of commercial facilities. Full-time National Servicemen (NSF) who are undergoing military training in Pulau Tekong will benefit from dedicated pick-up and drop-off area, which will be incorporated with the new bus interchange.

Town Plaza with Heritage Garden

The town centre is envisaged to serve the commercial needs of residents and also serve as a lively community hub. A more advanced Town Plaza and Heritage Garden will feature in the town centre. The town plaza will be partly sheltered and designed to offer a new community space for events and large-scale activities at all times.
So far, Pasir Ris has undergone a series of development since 1844 when it first appeared on the map as Passier Ries. Prior to that period, Pasir Ris existed as an undeveloped community with kampungs and plantation estates. Pasir Ris has now grown into a township that people love visiting. The Heritage Garden to be built beside the town plaza is envisaged to preserve the history of Pasir Ris and early stories of the town. The seating areas and landscaping at the new Heritage Garden will provide additional spaces as residents learn about the history of the town.

Lush greenery and high-rise greenery on residential blocks will be part of the new developments that will bring nature to the doorstep of all residents.


2. Enhancing nature living with better parks and new housing by the park

New Developments in Public Housing

HDB will build several flats in town as part of the renewal plans. The new public housing developments should offer about 2,000 units, with a lot of amenities and multi-generational facilities. These developments will be designed to make residents enjoy a park-like living experience at all times. Pasir Ris 8, a mixed residential and commercial development is also one of the plans.

The new public housing developments will be unified with Central Greenway with pedestrian paths and elevated cycling in order to provide a direct link between the town centre and Pasir Ris Park.

Pasir Ris Park and Beach

The Pasir Ris Park and Beach will feature more play spaces and recreational facilities after it has been rejuvenated so that the overall beach experience will be improved. The sand play areas at the beach will be expanded. The existing toilet and pavilions in Pasir Ris Park will be upgraded. The signages will also be enhanced so that visitors will find it very easy to navigate the park.

Pasir Ris Town Park

There are lots of new features that residents can look forward to at the Pasir Ris Town Park. New dining options will be available at the Pasir Ris Town Park as soon as a new hawker is completed. The new hawker centre will consist of 41 stalls, 1 kiosk, and over 500 seating spaces. These improvements will definitely encourage more people to visit Pasir Ris Town Park.

Also, a new playground will be made available. This new playground will have plenty of outdoor seating for people of all ages. Additional facilities like a landscaped multi-generational fitness area will be made available too.


3. Enliven community spaces in the neighbourhoods

All the community spaces that exist as Neighbourhood Centres and Neighbourhood Parks will be transformed into areas full of freshness and life. Everyone can look forward to more delightful experiences when they visit such neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Centres

All the four neighbourhood centres in Pasir Ris be rejuvenated in order to boost local businesses and to improve the shopping experience of residents. Elias Mall and Pasir Ris West Plaza will both be upgraded under the ROH. The improvements that will come along with the upgrade range from new seating areas to better play facilities. This will increase the level of vibrancy in the malls and make them measure up to the global standard. The standard of these malls will be as high as that of Loyang Point, which was recently upgraded. The centre at Neighbourhood 4 will equally be upgraded under the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme.

New community spaces will be added to all the four Neighbourhood Centres in order to provide enough conducive spaces for residents anytime they feel like coming together. These spaces will be enhanced with amenities like landscaping and cycling facilities. Each community space will have a heritage storyboard that contains interesting facts about the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Parks

Five Neighbourhood Parks in Pasir Ris out of the total seven Neighbourhood Parks in Pasir Ris will look completely transformed after enhanced landscaping and new multi-generational facilities are made available under the ROH programme. These five Neighbourhood Parks are Green Oval Park, Brontosaur Park, Park Aquaria, Seashell Park, and open space at Loyang. The other two Neighbourhood Parks namely Time Park and Atlantis Park are already being upgraded under a different Programme. The upgrading should be completed very soon.

Community Mall

The community mall which is 5 kilometres long will also be rejuvenated together with the existing walking and cycling spine that links amenities with green spaces in Pasir Ris. The walking and cycling paths will link to various parts of the housing precincts. This will grant residents easier access to all the community facilities within their town.

Social nodes will be added with Community Mall in order to provide enough community spaces for residents. Some spaces will be reserved for new facilities and programmes. The spaces at the social nodes could be used for community gardens, art installations, community cafés, or reading corners. The HDB will propose some facilities and gather feedback from residents before executing the proposals.


4. Improving Connectivity

Residents should anticipate a better walking and cycling experience in the entire town as Nature Ways, Central Greenway, and River Ways shall all be enhanced. Once the aforementioned three key connections have been enhanced, residents will be privileged to walk or cycle from one location to another without encountering delays on their way.

Central Greenway

The new Central Greenway will be connected directly to Pasir Ris Park. It will comprise both elevated and ground-level cycling and walking paths, which will be joined with housing developments located at the north of the Town Centre and the mixed-use development located at the Town Centre. The pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be separated from vehicular traffic by Central Greenway so that residents will enjoy a safer cycling and walking environment.

Nature Ways

Nature Ways will be created out of the arterial connections located along Pasir Ris Drive 1 and Drive 3. These nature ways will be designed to have a thematic landscape. Pocket parks will also be created to serve as gathering spaces and rest point for the community. The vehicular gateways that lead to Pasir Ris will be adorned with estuarine-themed planting in order to increase the sense of welcome into Pasir Ris town.

River Ways

The existing facilities along the rivers Sungei Tampines and Sungei Api Api will be enhanced and new facilities will be added. These facilities together with watercourses and landscaping will make walking and cycling experience more enjoyable for residents.
Covered linkways will be added along the major connections to transport nodes in order to enhance the last mile linkage. There will also be some enhanced bicycle crossings along cycling paths to make residents enjoy a safer commuting experience.