New MRT extension to link Pasir Ris, Punggol estates by 2031


By 2031, an MRT extension that has additional four stations shall be added to the Cross Island Line (CRL). When this happens, residents in Pasir Ris and Punggol will have the opportunity to travel directly to the north-eastern and eastern parts of Singapore.


Th CRL extension from Punggol to Pasir Ris

The extension to the future CRL will cover a distance of 7.3km. This extension will connect Punggol station on the North-East Line to Pasir Ris station. Hence, it will supplement bus services plying between both towns. The upcoming residential and commercial development, Pasir Ris 8, will benefit from the convenient connectivity around the area.

When travelling via the MRT extension, It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to move from Punggol Central to Pasir Ris. Presently, a journey between Punggol Central and Pasir Ris takes about 40 to 45 minutes when travelling by bus according to a statement by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Up to 40,000 existing households will derive benefits from the CRL extension. The extension will be fully underground.


Riveria, Elias, Punggol & Pasir Ris Stations

By 2022, the construction of the four stations will commence. These four stations will be located at Riviera, Elias, Punggol and Pasir Ris.

The extension is envisaged to redistribute the load of travel across the rail network. It is also expected to provide an alternative travel route.

Pasir Ris and Punggol will interchange stations. The former will interchange with the East-West Line and the main branch of the CRL while the latter will interchange with the NEL. The first phase should be completed by 2029. CRL will be linked to the eastern loop of the Punggol LRT by the Riviera interchange station.

Elias station will be situated close to the Elias Mall, residential blocks of Pasir Ris Drive 3, and industrial developments located at Pasir Ris Drive 12 The trains that will pass through the extension to Punggol will feature six cars that can increase to eight when demand is high. Ridership on the CRL should increase from six hundred thousand initially to one million in the future.


MRT Extension Purpose

Janil Puthucheary who is the Senior Minister of State for Transport mentioned that the extension is a vital part of the MRT infrastructure due to the way it links families in Punggol to other parts of Singapore and workplaces in Changi. Dr Janil made it known in his statement that he hopes that Pasir Ris residents come to the Punggol Digital District. He also added that the expansion in the train network is necessary for building the car-lite society that we all desire.

Sun Xueling who is the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs and National Development mentioned that the young people and those who work in the upcoming Punggol Digital District will benefit from the future extension.

The Punggol Digital District will be a multipurpose business precinct that shall be unified with the new Singapore Institute of Technology campus. By the time it opens progressively from the year 2023, the digital district will cover 50 hectares and will support up to 28,000 digital economy jobs, including certain roles in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

A 1.6km extension of the NEL will open in the same 2023 to provide access to Punggol North by rail.

The future Punggol Coast station will be integrated with the business park in the digital district and also support residential estates located at Punggol Point District and Northshore District. The LTA made it known that all the southbound tunnels have been constructed while the construction work of northbound tunnels has been done up to 15%.


Public Reaction

Graphic designer S.H. Tan expressed his joy concerning the future Elias station that will be built very close to his house in Pasir Ris Street 71. He mentioned that he can’t easily access public transport amenities such as train stations from his house, which is situated close to the Tampines Expressway. He has a direct bus to Punggol but hopes to spend a shorter time travelling by train in future. He noted that it’s a good thing to have more than one transport choices. He also hopes the construction work won’t cause too much congestion.


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